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The Growth, Protection and Transfer of Wealth.

You’ve worked hard to amass your assets. At TFS, we understand and respect that, and we help people like you every day. Growing and preserving your wealth—including passing it on to the next generation—requires a specialized focus. We have strategies to address each part of the high-net-worth equation.

As an independent financial services (or planning) firm, when it comes to growth and returns for high-net-worth clients and accredited investors, we provide access to professionally managed SMA (separately managed accounts) and PUMA (personal unified managed accounts) with $500,000 minimums. The private investment accounts we provide offer a very high level of personalization, tax abatement strategies, white glove service, and they include personal quarterly meetings with the investment manager/s.

In addition to transferring your financial risks over to insurance companies, we also work in conjunction with your CPAs and tax and estate attorneys to help with short- and long-term tax mitigation. These tax strategies include ongoing tax-loss harvesting of investments (with up to a 2-point tax alpha) as well as long-term tax planning strategies designed to minimize income taxes during retirement and transfer wealth in a tax-advantaged manner to your heirs and/or favorite charities. Our goal is to grow your wealth and preserve it for generations.

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