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Business Retirement Plans

Retaining and Rewarding Employees—and Yourself.

We understand the challenges of running a business. Too much to do, too much to know and far too few hours in each day. The Financial Specialists can help you take control and make improvements that can take your business (and your personal finances) to the next level. For instance, as a business owner, having a retirement plan in place can help you recruit, keep and reward your employees while you also put away retirement funds for yourself as part of a pre-planned exit strategy. We educate and advise business owners on the benefits of adding a retirement plan and help identify the best options for your company. As a financial adviser, we can set up any type of retirement account and professionally manage your investments—we manage hundreds of business retirement plans in Iowa and other states.

Qualified retirement plans can help you and your employees save the maximum amount for retirement in a tax-advantaged manner. There are many different types of retirement plans available; it all starts with your business structure as well as your goals. We will break down which plan may fit best, whether it be a 401(k) plan, profit-sharing, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, solo 401(k) or another type of plan—each has very specific requirements and limits.


Group Benefits

A Healthy Approach to Workplace Insurance

Group Health Benefits

At TFS, we help your small business with group medical, prescription, dental, vision and telemedicine benefits. We can customize your health care plan based on your company’s structure, number of employees, budget, goals and desires. We can handle everything for you. You can pay for premiums (or partial premiums) for your employees in a tax-advantaged manner, or group health benefits can be available through traditional payroll deduction to employees and their families. We customize plans based on your firm’s needs and desires.

Group Life, Accident & Disability

None of us likes to think of unexpected life events like death or disability, but they are real risks that need to be mitigated in the most cost-effective manner possible. We work with multiple insurance carriers so you can offer the types of coverage you and your employees (and your families) need, and we can bundle different types of insurance in a variety of employer or employee-paid combinations to suit your firm. Flexible employer or employee-paid options may include life & accidental death, short-term disability, long-term disability, critical illness, accident, hospital indemnity and/or business travel accident insurance.


Compensation & Succession

Key Employees—Including You—Require a Special Approach

From executive benefits to bonus plans, key employee life insurance, management carve-outs and buy-sell agreements, we provide small business with useful business strategies, including specialized insurance policies.

For instance, we offer “key man” life insurance coverage for business owners as well as your key people whose sudden absence might sink your firm. Key employees may include those with a long tenure at the company, executives, team leaders or top salespeople. In a tragic situation, key man insurance provides your small business with cash, keeping it out of bankruptcy. Alternatively, depending on your structure, we can also provide “buy/sell agreements” or buyout agreements—contracts funded by a life insurance policy that help minimize the turmoil caused by the sudden departure, disability or death of a business owner or partner by infusing the business with cash.

We can also help with management “carve out plans.” A management carve out plan is a type of life insurance benefit employers can use to reward key employees beyond what is available to them through the company’s group term life insurance policy. Those deemed eligible for the carve-out plan gain access to permanent life insurance, which can accumulate cash value over time. This can be a great way to reward and keep top employees while protecting the business.